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                                                                     Volunteer Programmes


The Group Ambassador Volunteer and Time Ambassador Programmes will help build healthier and more inclusive local communities through the contribution they make to make to the online radio station.
The volunteer programme is a key part of the station’s engagement with the local community. The drive and commitment demonstrated by volunteers helps to promote information about group activities and event as improve the perception of the groups that work in the local area.
There are a number of different volunteer roles available, the two main ones being Volunteer Group Ambassador and Time Volunteer.

                                     What is the role of Volunteer Group Ambassadors?

Our group volunteers will bring their personal experience and considerable knowledge of the local area and activities, and be provided with opportunities to showcase their group on the radio station.

                                                            All groups and organisations welcome

As a Volunteer Group Ambassador, you will:
Be a recognised member of the group or organisation you represent.
Be friendly, helpful, and informative about the work of the group. Ensuring the voice of your group is part of the radio station by contributing items to the show hosts and agreeing to do phone ins and when practicable outside reports.
Be an efficient communicator.
Be an approachable point of contact
Be able to deal with a range of enquiries in a confident manner.
Be able to create a positive impression of your group or organisation,
Be welcoming, be positive and be proud of the Soham community.

                                                                  Volunteer Time Ambassador

If you are able to donate some of your time each week to the station to help with general tasks, including phone calls and promoting the station for example, or if you have a skill set that you feel may be of use, please sign up to help.
Business promotion and advertising
The station carries advertising and sponsorship. Our aim is to support local business by promoting their community activities and interactions with local groups. Whist we don’t sell advertising space on the station, there will be the opportunity place adverts and make a donation to help support our running cost.

                                                                       Volunteer registration

Sign up today to register your group’s interest.
Information will be held by Ambassador programme to enable us to contact you regarding volunteer opportunities, your details will not be shared with other third parties. By completing the form, you are agreeing to these conditions.
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